Best Month To Travel

Every month in Zante brings something different and new. The season generally lasts from May to September, check out our guide below to see which month might suit you best.


May is the best month for people to come out when they are looking for work. We would not recommend anyone going on holiday for a week or so in May. This is because no big clubs or bars are open until the end of May and no events start until usually June 1st so it really means you wouldn’t be getting the full experience of what Zante has to offer. May is 100% the best time to come if you are looking for work and the perfect month to get set up. Check out if you are wanting to work in Zante for 2024.


June is a great month in Zante, the events are all running from the start of June onwards and all the major bars and clubs will be open by then too. The weather is hot but not too hot. Generally the first few week of June you can get some really good deals on flights and hotels or packages. So for people on a budget June would really be a month to consider.


July is without doubt the peak month in Zante. Here you see masses of people from the UK the strip will be as busy as ever and all the events should be selling out or getting extremely close. All the clubs will generally be busy at the same time so you can bounce around from club to club until you find one where the crowd suits you. The weather is hot and you will be unlucky if you see a cloud in the sky.


August for the first few weeks is always busy. A popular month with Italians also it does tend to be a real mix when August comes around. Thats not to say its any less enjoyable, the weather is still amazing in August and the events will still be as busy as ever especially in the first few weeks. Towards the end of August it gets a little less busy but that again isn’t a bad thing at all there will still be more than enough people around to have a good time!


We would recommend if you are planning a holiday in September to come within the first two weeks. All events generally end on the 2nd week of September and you can get some really cheap last minute deals for these first two weeks. Anything after that is perfect if you are coming to chill out with smaller bars and some clubs still open but events will be a no go later in September and the weather whilst nice can be a little iffy at times.

To conclude we think it really depends on your personal preference when it comes to what month to travel. If you are wanting the busiest time with British then hands down June or July is the best time for you. The events will be bigger and better, any acts will be headline names because there will be more people there to buy tickets. Zante clubs will be full to the brim and the vibe will be top. But other months will be cheaper and are still just as good in our opinion so if you can get a good deal its worth considering.

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