Why is it best to pre book events?

We would always recommend pre booking your events before you get to Zante.
There are number of reason for this which we have listed below.

1. Early Bird Discounts

Generally event companies run really good promotional early bird offers when they first start selling their tickets online such as free VIP upgrades and extra discounts that you wouldn’t be able to get when you arrive in Zante. This is because sellers in Zante make commission on tickets meaning there is less money going to the actual events.

The commission can often be discounted off online tickets if you book direct with the actual event companies.

2. No Middlemen

When you book online through Uncharted Zante you are booking direct with the company. We aren’t a middle man who put money on top, we own the events and as such pass on the best possible prices to you the customer. We are a fully registered Ltd company in the UK and have been running events in Zante for over 15 years. Do some research when you are looking to book any events, make sure the events have promo footage from the past few years and also reviews online. If they don’t the likelihood is they are new events which a lot of times don’t end up running.

3. Don’t Waste Your Time Speaking To 10 Different Sellers

By booking online you avoid getting harassed by sellers. Generally you will see a number of ticket sellers driving up and down the strip on mopeds. They are very easy to spot, they work on their own and will generally have a better than average tan! These sellers will stop to talk to anyone and everyone and trying to sell their events. The issue is each events company has their own sellers so for tourists it means you are likely to get stopped more than a few times for them to try and sell you events taking time out of your day when you really just want to be tanning or drunk on the beach. When you say you have booked online to them they will simply move on to the next and it leaves you not having your head baffled.

4. More Spending Money When You Get To Zante

When you book online you generally pay a deposit before you arrive in Zante. Then the remaining amount will be paid in instalments before you arrive. This saves you money in the long run because you don’t have to cut into your spending money in order to buy events. You have already paid a good chunk, if not all, of your event costs and just have your spending money to go. This gives you more money to spend on excursions, food and of course drink!

5. Events Sell Out

Generally speaking the best events in Zante do sell out. This is mostly the case for boat parties in Particular. Clubs and Day Clubs have massive capacities so generally won’t sell out completely. But Boat Parties are limited to 300-400 capacities. Especially in peak season (June/July). By booking online before you arrive its highly unlikely that a boat will already be sold out. This means you won’t be disappointed when you end up on a fishing boat with 60 people and Uncharted sails past with a sold out 400 people on board.

To conclude we would always recommend booking your events before you arrive in Zante. One thing to definitely look out for is rep packages from your holiday company. These are worth staying away from completely as they often charge extortionate prices for the same events or events that nobody has ever heard of. We at Uncharted aren’t a holiday company, we specialise in events it’s not a second thought for us and with a new deposit system where you can secure your spaces for just £1 we give you ultimate flexibility to book and pay as and when it suits you.

Book In 3 Simple Steps

Choose Your Event

Choose Your Event

Choose from Uncharted boat party or the Uncharted Platinum Package.

Pay Your Deposit

Pay Your Deposit

Pay a small deposit of just £1 per person, perfect to reserve for big groups!

Receive Your E-tickets

Receive Your E-tickets

E-tickets are emailed 2 weeks before your event after your balance is paid.

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