Zante's Best Bars

Zante has a tonne of different bars to choose from depending on your personal preference. We are here to give you some of the best spots on the strip for pre drinks, sports, food and much more. We would always recommend to get out of your hotels as early as possible and really experience what Zante has to offer, who really wants to sit in their room and drink a £10 bottle of knockoff vodka before a night out?

Bars generally set the mood for you night out and a good bar can make all the difference when it comes to getting you hyped up for the night ahead. Some of Zante’s best bars are listed below and are guaranteed to get your night started with a bang!

1. Sizzle

Sizzle have spent a fortune making their front bar one of the best that Zante nightlife has to offer. Great cocktails and an impressive top shelf of spirits make it the perfect place to start your night. All you have to do is walk past and you’ll see the place is full every night, there’s a reason for that.

Sizzle also has a nightclub, check out our Clubs guide for more information on that.

2. Garden of Eden - Shisha Bar

You’ll notice that Shisha is pretty much available in every bar on the Zante strip these days, but trust us when we say, if you want Shisha, go to Garden of Eden.

It’s nestled a little off the Zante Strip but Goggle Maps will show you the way and it’s 100% worth the 5 minute walk.

A perfect combination of the best shisha on the island, an impressive array of cocktails and the ultimate chilled lounge vibe. This place is where you start OR finish your night, you decide, but either way, we’ll see you there.

3. Barcode Zante

Barcode is a staple of the Zante strip, probably one of the biggest bars that Zante has to offer they have some amazing drinks deals and amazing food to match.

With a huge outdoor terrace and a massive screen ideal for watching the sports this spot would also be the perfect place for the football on a Saturday! Again we would recommend trying to book a table in on the day because it can get extremely busy.

4. Cheeky Tiki’s

One of the originals and self proclaimed ‘Meeting Point’ for your night, this Tiki themed bar is known for its amazing drinks deals, from Head Fuckers to Zombies and everything in between its not one for the faint hearted. The bar also has a back club room that turns into a rave like atmosphere and can get fairly busy every night.

An amazing place to start your night off or to take you into the early hours this bar has it all.


The Loft is again a slightly more classy affair above the hustle and bustle of the main strip this terraced bar is another solid choice when it comes to bars in Zante. They have some amazing offers on drinks and their cocktails section is up there with the best that Zante has to offer, another really good spot to pop in for a drink or two before you make your way to some of the bigger clubs.

6. 3 Lions

3 Lions does exactly what it says on the tin, great drinks deals, big screens for football and a classic party atmosphere, definitely worth a stop on your route down to the clubs.

7. G-spot

More of a lounge than a bar, G-spot is probably the perfect place to start your night off. Its a more upmarket place famed for its amazing cocktails and premium quality drinks at extremely affordable prices. With an extremely chilled out vibe its not hard to see why this little bar does so well and just a short 50m walk to the main clubs its in the ideal location.

We would highly recommend this place for a pre cocktail or two before your big night out on the strip. Don’t forget to get in a round of Vodka Norths, you can thank us later for that one!

8. Sugar

Sugar is one of our favourite places and one of the most well known bars on the Laganas strip. Its bright lights attract masses of people, inside it has a really cool atmosphere the ideal stopping point on the way to the main clubs for one or two bevs.

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