Do’s & Don’ts

Let's all be serious you are coming to Zante to throw your inhibitions to the wind and have an unreal time with your mates. We know how it is especially if its your first holiday however in Zante the rules are a little different. On the whole it is a very safe place with little issues Summer after Summer which is why so many people choose to Holiday in Zante. With that being said we do have some tips for you in order to keep you safe.

Don’t Be That Person

We all have that one mate who gets a few drinks down them and turns into a walking liability. Our suggestion is to look out for your mates and make sure nobody is causing any trouble. Especially with locals, you have to remember that this is their island you are just a visitor and if you are causing issues then generally it will end in a fight. The bouncers aren’t really like they are in the UK and can get away with a lot more meaning if you are causing trouble you are likely to not only get thrown out but get a few blows for good measure. With that being said if you are respectful with them they are the same back to you much like in the UK.

Know Your Limits

We don’t know what it is about drinking abroad but they just seem to go down easier in the Sun, unfortunately your limits don’t change just because you're in another climate. A lot of the very little trouble in Zante does happen due to extremely drunk people causing issues with big groups or locals. We would recommend sticking to your limits and if you do see a friend who is extremely drunk take them home. Another issue that is rife in Zante is medical centres that operate private ambulances up and down the strip. They will wait for people to pass out or be sick and get them into the ambulance and back to the local medical centre to be put on a drip at a rather expensive cost to either your insurance or to you personally if your insurance doesn’t cover it.


Again just to stress Zante is extremely safe, however we would always recommend just like at home that you stick together with your friends when you are out and of course walking back to your hotel. Just like the UK, Zante is not a perfect place with no crime. Things do sometimes happen like attacks and robberies to people walking home on their own in the early hours. This can easily be stopped by sticking together just like you would in the UK. Don’t leave anyone behind would be our suggestion.


We know your on holiday and it is your time to unwind and have fun, but we would ask you to just have a bit of respect about you. It really doesn’t cost anything to be nice to people and generally speaking the Greek people will go the extra mile for you if you are nice to them. Just like in the UK if you are rude you can expect a similar reaction as you would at home, However its not the wisest thing to be causing trouble in a new environment to your local boozer.

Keep Yourself Out Of Trouble

This is predominantly one for the groups of guys. We know you are all there to compete to show who’s the biggest and who’s the coolest but if you do find yourself in a confrontation when you are in Zante our honest advice would be to walk away. If you do start any fights in any clubs or bars you can expect the security to put the fire out pretty fast which will end in you getting swiftly kicked out by any means necessary. It really isn’t worth spoiling your holiday over and black eyes no matter what you’ve heard don’t look cool!

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