Zante Weather

Generally speaking the weather in Zante is amazing which is why it is one of the most popular places for Brits to holiday. Below we have set out what the weather is like in each month in Zante , giving you a play by play of what you can expect on your holiday in Zante.


May is the very start of the season in Zante if you go out any earlier you are basically a local, the very first workers come out to Zante at the start of May in order to try and get jobs. It’s not really a time for tourists to be coming out as most of the bars and clubs are still shut at this time. With that being said you can get some really cheap deals if you aren’t really bothered about partying in the big clubs over May. The weather in May is pleasant you can expect high of 25 degrees and a few days of rain but on the whole it a lot better that the UK!


June is when the main bars, clubs and events all start and over the past few years it’s becoming extremely popular to come earlier and earlier in June for a lot of people due to the cheaper prices of flights and packages. The weather in June in Zante is pretty much perfect not too hot with a little breeze high of 30 with barely a cloud in the sky. We would say mid June is the ideal time to come to Zante whether wise. With that and the cheap deals that are in place its not hard to see why it’s becoming a really popular month in Zante.


July is always going to be the busiest month in Zante and for good reason the weather is scorching, you can expect highs of up to 35 degrees so times even hotter and you would be lucky to see any rain at all. If there is any rain it will pass in no time. With July being the busiest month in Zante it also makes it the most expensive month in Zante for tourists. The prices may be high for you holiday but you are guaranteed the clubs will be wall to wall and the events bring out the biggest acts in July because it's when they can fit the most people in to make the money back on the big costs. So if you are looking for the most popular time to go with the best weather and aren’t too bothered about cost, July is your month


August is a real mix of different nationalities, we tend to find its the main holiday season for the Italians who tend to come in their thousands to Zante. So the resort does really get split down the middle in a 50:50 split between the Brits and other nationalities. With that being said they do tend to stick to their own parties and clubs. The weather in August is still pretty much as hot as it gets especially in the first few weeks, towards the end of August it starts to cool down a little and there’s also some amazing deals to be had later in August for people looking for a last minute escape from the UK.


September is pretty similar to May, The first week or so is the closing parties for all the events and it tends to be not as busy as it would be in peak season. The weather is still pretty good cooler than in the peak but still highs of 25 and still very sunny. The upshot of travelling to Zante in May is definitely the price. You can get some amazingly cheap deals to Zante in September but our top tip would be to make sure its in the first 2 weeks as after that no events worth going to are still running.

Top Tips

Sun Cream

Nobody wants to be burnt, it spoils you holiday honestly don’t think you're some sun god or goddess and try carrot oil, you will burn and look like a lobster for the rest of your holiday. Please wear a suitable factor, its literally for you own good, without trying to sound like your parents.


Make sure you get plenty of water into you during the day, especially if you are going out every night. It will help and if you do get sunstroke you are 100% ending up on a drip in the medical centre which will massively eat into your budget for your holiday and just wastes a day for you.

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