Best Beaches In Zante

Zante is world famous for having on of the most instagramable beach in the world that’s 100% something you have to do if you spend you Summer in Zante, with that being said there are a number of other spots that are amazing, take a look below as we give you the best beaches to visit while your on Holiday in Zante.

Naviago (shipwreck beach)

1. Naviago (shipwreck beach)

An Iconic spot, when you search Zante on google it’s probably the first thing that comes up and for good reason Shipwreck beach should be the top of anyones bucket list. With crystal clear blue water and its huge with cliffs it’s not hard to see why this natural marvel is so popular. Getting to Navagio isn’t all that easy as it turns out. The best way is to book an excursion through one of the Cavo Grosso Shops on the strip. They are the biggest excursion company on the island and run daily cruises to ship wrecked on a number of different boats, this is not a place you can rent a speed boat and get to believe me we have tried! Another option is to head to the view point which is located on the cliffs above the beach, while you won’t be able to jump in from there you will be able to get some amazing photos and videos that will tick off this amazing natural beauty off your bucket list.

Laganas Beach

2. Laganas Beach

The easiest beach to get to and the most likely stop for the squad on your holiday. Laganas beach is located just at the bottom of the strip and has everything you could want from a beach. Nice bars, Cheap Sun beds and crystal clear water that stays knee deep for about 100 yards. Its also one of the main living areas for some of the famous turtles in Zante. keep and eye out for groups of boats gathered together in the bay and its more than likely they are watching a turtle, if you are a good swimming grab your snorkel and get yourself out there to get an up close and personal site without and cost.

Kalamaki Beach

3. Kalamaki Beach

A little more quiet than the Laganas beach, Kalamaki is more of a family resort. Just a few miles down the beach from Laganas, Kalamaki beach is the perfect spot to go if you want to chill out and get away from the bright lights of the Zante strip. They also have a very nice little taverna towards the far end of the beach which does some really nice traditional Greek food at really good prices.



Again another well known beach in Zante. St Nicholas and Banana beach have a very similar sort of vibe. they are extremely close to each other and both do have a large array of waterspouts available. The only real difference is that St Nic’s beach is in a little bay so it means the waves don’t get quite as big as they do at Banana beach, perfect for people that want to take on some water sports and ideal for people that want to chill out and have a day of luxury relaxing on the amazing white sand.

Banana beach

5. Banana beach

One of the more well known beaches in Zante and for good reason. Banana beach is an amazing day out, its roughly around 20 minutes away from Laganas however they run a free bus daily to take people back and forth. When you arrive its could be mistaken for somewhere in the Caribbean. With its pristine white beaches and crystal clear water its not hard to see why this is one of the best beaches in Zante. It also has some luxury sunbeds and cabanas to chill out on as well as a restaurant that does some really amazing food and cocktails that you can also get delivered to your bed. This, along with St Nic’s is also one of the best places to come if you are looking to do any water sports. From parasailing to jet skiing they have it all at Banana beach. We think this is a must do on your holiday to Zante.

We would also recommend getting out and trying as many of our recommendations as possible. Generally people who come to Zante only see Laganas beach which is completely fine in our eyes. With that being said there are so many other amazing places to visit in Zante that will take your holiday to the next level and make some amazing memories for years to come!

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